Let’s dive

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titel-2016-englische-ausgabe-logovsn-300dpiThe companion book for the first diving course. More and more kids and teens want to learn to dive. „Let’s dive” is an excellent illustrated guide. The self-explanatory step-by-step-illustrations and the easy-to-understand texts explain in clear and simple terms and in a very interesting and entertaining manner. This book support the learning up to the first diving certificate.
Many practical tips and hints make the book an ideal companion for young divers.

Stephanie Naglschmid is an illustrator, graphic designer, publisher and artist for fine art. She has already illustrated about 90 specialist books on the subject of diving and nature. Visit her Website: galerie-naglschmid.de

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Stephanie Naglschmid: “If you are fascinated by the underwater realm, by dolphins, whales, fishes and coral reefs, perhaps the inhabitants of your local waters, or simply nothing less than the uncharted depths and secrets of the ocean … well, then scuba diving will suit you perfectly! Many years ago, when I looked for the first time into the educational aspect of diving, I was sobered by all the technical and theoretical knowledge, as well as the physical aspect of the training and my own (pretty poor) condition. I jumped into the adventure with sometimes shaking knees but I soon realized that it was not actually that complicated if you threw in a little bit of common sense. My excitement for the underwater world grew with every fluke swing and as a passionate painter, I captured many of my impressions in paintings and drawings. Like they say “Why make it difficult if it is simple?“. This book is my small contribution to bring you closer to diving and to ease the way a little. Together with the diving amateurs, Tim and Jenny, we‘ll go through the basics step by step, illustrated and with easy-to- understand texts. We’ll take a look at what awaits you, independent of any diving organization. Think of it and use it as a companion book for your training.


German Edition: 4. Auflage 2018, 80 Seiten, 183 farbige Zeichnungen, Format 20,9 x 29,7 cm, kartoniert, Edition Naglschmid, ISBN: 978-3-66711-518-8, EUR 14,90 (D) Erhältlich im Fach- und Buchhandel oder bei:

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