Englische Ausgaben

Here you find our books we published in english Language.

Nik Linder und Phil Simha • Engl. Edition of the book: Apnoe & Mediation • In the past couple of years, recreational freediving has evolved to such an alternative way. A way that allows its partakers to open up to breathing and relaxation. Because without correct breathing, without full relaxation, there is no freediving. This book describes simple techniques, which support a healthy and ... read more
Let´s dive - Scuba diving for Kids and teens
English Edition now as Print, ebook and PDF-download available: The companion book for the first diving course. More and more kids and teens want to learn to dive. „Let's dive" is an excellent illustrated guide. The self-explanatory step-by-step-illustrations and the easy-to-understand texts explain in clear and simple terms and in a very interesting and entertaining manner. This book support the learning up to the ... read more